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Dicas e Macetes 2


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Velozes e Furiosos
Mortal Kombat
Dicas e Macetes 1
Dicas e Macetes 2
Dicas e Macetes 3
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Sala de Bate-Papo
DarK GaMeX

Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds - The Clone Campaigns

In the game press Enter to hit the chat box in the chat box type
"1" to "62" numbers and he will chating.

Code Result
forcefood - 1000 food
forceore - 1000 ore
forcecarbon - 1000 carbon
forcenova - 1000 crystals of nova
forceexplore - Explore full map
forcesight - Fog of war disabled (type again to enable)
forcebuild - Fast buit for you and all players
that's no moon - Death Star
tantive iv - Blockade runner
imperial entanglements - Imperial Star Destroyer
scaryneighbor - Bongo marouder (fast boat)
simonsays - Simon the killer Ewok
tarkin - destroy all players (don't use this cheat when hero
or building must survive)
darkside [1-8] - destroy
player with that #
skywalker - Win mission or scenario

StarCraft - Brood War

To enter the cheat pres ENTER and then type the cheat:
WARNING! This cheats didnt work on multiplayer game!

Code Result
black sheep wall - entire map revealed
breathe deep - gives you 500 vespene gas
Food for thought - ability to build units beyond
the support limit
game over man - instant loss
man over game - instant win
medieval man - gives free upgrades to units
modify the phase variance - gain ability to build any building,
regardless of requirements
speldin - a more powerful terran nation
asstroids - lots of money
Operation CWAL - speed up construction of buildings
and units
ophelia - Enter this to enable level skipping
cheat. Then enter the mission you want
to skip to (i.e. terran10, Zerg5,
Protoss7, etc.) to go there
Power overwhelming - God Mode
Radio free zerg - Zerg song (must be playing Zerg)
Show me the money - gain 10,000 gas and 10,000 minerals.
something for nothing - everything available is upgraded
staying alive - prevents the mission from ending
due to victory or defeat
the gathering - gain unlimited energy to all casting
there is no cow level - completes current mission
war ain't what it used to be - no fog of war
whats mine is mine - gives you 500 minerals
terran - Terran mission select
zerg - Zerg mission select
protoss - Protoss mission select

Swat 3 - Elite Edition

Press [Shift] + ~ during game play to display the
console. Then, type one of the following codes

Cheat Result
SWATLORD - Invulnerable team
BIGGERPOCKETS - For an unlimited period ammunition
DOUBLESHOT - Faster firing
NC17 - Stronger bleeding
NOSHADES - Night missions are bright
JOHNWOO - Slower play process
IAMLEET - Mission win
WHOSYOURBOSS - Units do not obey any longer
HOTSTUFF - Suspects are more difficult to kill
RABIES - Killer rats
JUSTIN - Suspects never give up
CASUAL - Summer clothes
QUIT - Play immediately terminate

Dicas e Macetes 3